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Will Be $47 - ONLY $7 NOW
Hi, there! It's me, Ricardo
(@meesterschap on instagram)
Founder of the APEXCODE
 Roadtripping through Iceland with my girlfriend, 
a life-long bucket list goal checked off!
I've been an online serial-entrepreneur for more than 7 years now. I dropped out of college at 20, got into minimum wage jobs and decided that the 9-to-5 ratrace was just not working out for me...

I spent years perfecting this one businessmodel which I have now taught to over 21.000 people world-wide... Many of which have become even more successful at my method than me (because I chose to be extra lazy with it on purpose).


I've grinded when I started out. 
I have 10X hustled 24/7. 
"Don't get a job", all the guru's say. Only so you slave away in your own online business making more hours than you would at a job? There's something wrong here...

I nearly worked myself to death and into severe depression, but I'm not going to bore you with yet another rags-to-riches story because the most important thing I want you to learn here is this: 

You actually don't NEED to work your ass off to be successful. F*ck me right?
I made this mistake, so you don't have to.

We need to stop stressing...

In this modern millenial generation of "Cash Me Ousside HOWBOWDAH, Nyancat and DAMN DANIEL", we're given access to so many magical internet things making even the most stupid people rich by luck... 

The beauty is, knowing how to connect just the right things with each other on the internet, creates an unstoppable, reliable and predictable income stream, regardless of luck, intelligence or skill level. 
 Being able to drive the car of my (quite boyish) dreams another cross off the life-time bucket list!
You see, until a decade or two ago...

Stable & predictable income like this was simply not available to the "common peasant" - because it used to require employees, big buildings, lot's of contracting and huge amounts of capital.

Not anymore.

I can't take credit for the business model on itself, because like I said, it's at least 
a 100 years old. 

What I can offer you, is the 2018 way of setting it up yourself- without any experience, without any technical knowledge... Oh yes, without starting capital, without employees, selling- 
I dare even say without hard work. 

Because it really only takes me and my students about 2 to 4 hours to keep our income growing each month. 

Please note, I said "growing". 
Not "keep going" like so many other online business models out there:
Affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, trading, selling t-shirts, dropshipping, 
e-commerce, you name it...

These are businesses where you make some profit one day, and have to do work to find more profits the next day. 

This is by far ideal and creates no stability.
It's certainly not the way to build truly 'hands-off' passive income... 

In the Solid Cashflow Blueprint you'll discover how my system is set up in great detail, and how it creates a predictable, reliable stream of income every month. 
Even if you take a 6 months holiday, this will keep paying and you will know to the last cent how much every single month. 
After 7 years of perfecting it's stability and predictability (and seeing some of my own students becoming more successful than myself) I can safely say I finally cracked the code...

The code of reaching peak performance in truly passive income. The Apex Code.
  • ¬†Fully Set Up In 72 Hours Or Less
  • ¬†Reliable, Everlasting Cashflow
  • ¬†Completely in Your Control¬†
    (No Third Parties To Pay!)
  • ¬†Absolutely Effortless To Maintain

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Will Be $47 - ONLY $7 NOW
 INSTANT Life Changing Guarantee (30 Days)
Take advantage of this one-time-only deal today. 
I personally back you up with my guarantee that the very first pages (pg. 1 & 2) will dramatically impact the quality of your future life!

If anytime during the first 30 days, you even feel like there was absolutely nothing in your APEXCODE Blueprint that would make your life immediately better than before reading it... 

I will gladly refund you every single penny! 
No questions asked! (You even get my personal contact e-mail).
  • No More Endlessly Chasing New Customers And Sales
  • ¬†No More Figuring Out "Niches"¬†
  • ¬†No More Complicated¬†
    "Membership Websites" 
    (ugh, so outdated)
  • ¬†No More Income Uncertainty¬†
    (See Your Income Grow Daily And Have It Stay That Way)
  • ¬†¬†No More Endless Searching For Products To Sell
  • ¬†¬†No More 16 Hour "Entrepreneur" HustleGrind10X Work Days
Allow Yourself To Finally Live Life On Your Terms
Creating a recurring, stable & predictable cashflow will dramatically increase your options. A 5-figure income that can be predicted months into the future (to the cent!) you can now spend on things you really enjoy, travelling, trying out new restaurants, buying fancy toys...
Without worrying if there will enough money, without worrying about spending enough time on your business.

Or, you can do it the way everyone rants about. Hustle hard, grind your ass off, don't sleep, don't party, don't enjoy life until you're a millionaire...

Do you genuinely want that?
Last Question...
Are You A Sheep?
I'm not trying to offend you here. Much like the majority of people, sheep stay in a big flock out of fear. 

If you're afraid to try something cutting-edge or deal with haters that see you enjoying life in the fast lane while barely working, this is not for you...

If you're not a sheep, and demand to finally live life ex√°ctly the way you want...
Then get yourself a head-start with 
Solid Cashflow Blueprint
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Will Be $47 - ONLY $7 NOW
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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This is Ricardo (@meesterschap) presenting the APEXCODE: Solid Cashflow Blueprint
The blueprint that will allow anyone with any skill level to set up a lifetime of recurring, stable & predictable income, in less than 72 hours. A proven method being used by more than 21.000 students world-wide.

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