APEXCODE is a premium, highly specialised publication that focusses on cultivating personal development 
& financial independence. 

You will find no sugarcoating here. It is packed with raw, straight-to-the-point and sometimes a little unconventional content, which will instantly impact your life for the better.

It will train you to transform obstacles into steppingstones. 
Find new motivation and never losing it again. 

Step-by-step tutorials show you how to create sources of income that require little to no time nor effort. Rewarding yourself with instant peace of mind, and more possibilities you ever had.

Personal growth, social growth & financial stability are 
the three equations that make up the apex code. 

Start programming yourself for success today.
Today we live in a world where it is easy to confuse truth and popularity. You can you use money to amplify what ever it is you believe, and get people to believe that what is popular is now truthful. 

And what is not popular, is not truthful.
APEXCODE also examines the systems that influence your perception of the world. Because hów you experience, 
makes just as much difference as whát you experience. 

Systems-of-influence like the one you see in this Instagram post, have people believing that you're not entitled to enjoy life. Unless you have reached certain levels of liquidity.

These "Rise & Grind" quotes, are widespread by guru's like Grant Cardone, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins. And make one believe this is truth. Truth, as you will learn, is never singular.

APEXCODE can show you how to build up your liquidity. 

And enjoy the time you're building. 
The main purpose of APEXCODE is to develop its students into inspired, empowered and financially independend citizens of the world. We do this by guiding our students to discover their vocation, their purpose and by instructing them on how to remove the most present growth limiter known to man.

Money. Although it is very a bleak point of view, money is what makes the world go round. Not having enough of it limits the options you have and the freedom of choice to work on different aspects in your life. If you want to see the world, you need money. 

Sure, you can pick just one country to discover each year but you’ll need to save a whole year to visit another- if your funds are not enough. If travelling is your passion, you’ll be severly limited in your happiness. 

If you love working out or working on your health, and you want to get the best results as fast as possible, you need professional guidance on that. Personal training isn’t cheap, the best food isn’t cheap. If it is a topic you see coming back on body building forums it’s often: “What are my cheapest options to eat a lot of nutritional food?” As you can imagine, focussing on cheap, food is very limiting.
If you’re a creative person and love to make music or paint or draw, it’s a very time consuming hobby only a lucky few can ALSO pay their bills and rent with. 

However, having the peace of mind that whatever you spend your time on, money will still be coming in, and you know exactly how much- regardless of the time you spend on it- will allow you to pursue your passion, mission and vocation without limitation.

Having a solid cashflow, a reliable and predictable cashflow that keeps growing every single month opens up doors in your life. It removes basic limitations. 
That’s why this is the main pillar APEXCODE focusses on, next to your personal development. 

APEXCODE doesn’t stop by just creating mostly effort-free businesses. 
The end goal of your APEX income will be money that comes in every single month, without you doing any effort for it. A passive cashflow system.
Money that will keep coming in long after you’re gone, that can provide for your future generations and potentially spans hundreds of years. 

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